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Certification Update: The Costs and Benefits of Getting Certified
As the worst of the recent global financial meltdown and severe economic recession appears to be over, corporations will be looking to restock a workforce depleted by an unemployment rate that rose to a multiple-decade high of over 10 percent. ……


A Certification Testimonial From an American Supply Chain Management Professional
Two times in my career I was hired because I was certified, and the other...Read More>>

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ACI, The American Certification Institute, is a premier professional certification institute well-known in the United States and the world. It was founded in the USA in 1999. Its Corporate Headquarters is in Lewes, Delaware, USA and it has numerous alliance partners in the US, China, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, Romania, Lebanon, Russia, Poland, Jordan, India, Lebanon and other countries. These alliance partners represent ACI in their respective countries and conduct ACI programs in collaboration with ACI. ACI is dedicated to helping train the leaders of tomorrow for personal professional certification.

ACI provides training, testing, and certification issuance for a number of important business-related programs, and does training for certifications issued by the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute and other professional institutes in the US. ACI is affiliated with IPSCMI, the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute.

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Certification Update: The Costs and Benefits of Getting Certified

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Purchases From Off-Shore Sources "Total Landed Cost"
Buyers from off-shore sources should be very much concerned with their ability to determine the "Total Landed Cost" of the off-shore items.
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Getting On The E-Procurement Bandwagon
The e-procurement bandwagon is rolling, the only question for business now is whether to jump up or be mowed under by its wheels.
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Price Waiting for the recession to end before beginning a job search? First, look at this.
We’re still not ready to reveal full results of our 29th annual survey but I can share some data and it’s that respondents with professional certification
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