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Certified Quality Director


Economy globalization means competition globalization, which makes us position development by a global perspective. To build an elite class of Quality Directors for corporations is an innovative approach to integrate all related resources and build corporate quality competitiveness. CQD, which stands for Certified Quality Director has an objective of nurturing Quality Directors to help companies gain quality competitiveness.

Objectives of the Program

  1. To perform your specialty competitiveness and improve your professional reputation as well as form a solid foundation for future career;
  2. To build每up self-confidence as well as personal occupation competitiveness through mastering the professional quality management and advanced conception and skills;
  3. After study, people can conduct effective management during the quality improvement process, which will enable students to devote more contribution to their corporation and organization.


Who are Interested in

♂ Deputy general manager in charge of quality management , the representatives of executives, deputy chief engineer, quality director, general quality master, quality manager/ director;
♂ All people who are wishing to become experts in quality management.

A way of quality management means to understand and build quality from a strategic perspective, which is the only way of building a successful companyㄛand also an important instrument of forming corporate competitive advantages. Based on this, experts from quality field of various industries developed CQDBOKㄗThe Body of Knowledge of a capable quality directorㄘ.
In the exam marking system, these modules value 1500 pointsㄛthe details are as follows:




Overall Points


management and environment




quality leadership



setting and implementation of quality strategy



customer-focused organization and cultural changes



approaches and tools in management



supplier performance management



training and capability development


Module1: management and environment 每 find competitive edge in a vibrant environment *(200)
♂Challenges in new management: knowledge economy, creativity economy and global challenges
♂ Management theories and history: from talorism, humanity to Crosbyism excellence
♂ Global challenges: environment, CSR and business ethics, stakeholder analysis

Module2: quality leadership 每 leading changes and innovative practices *(300)

♂Organizational leadership: organization methods, organizational culture and contingency leadership
♂Organizational behavior: negotiation skills, pressure management and change management
♂ Team co-oration: types of teams, team dynamics, team facilitation and team performance
Module3: setting and implementation of quality strategy 每 directing quality improvement *(200)

♂Competitive analysis: PEST, SWOT, 5Forces, Shell Matrix
♂Strategic planning and evaluation: Strategic situational analysis and BSC
♂Strategic implementation: BCS Matrix, resources allocation, Benchmarking

Module4: Customer-focused organization and cultural changes 每 building of organizational behavior *(300)

♂Definition of business and positioning: strategic marketing logic from 4P to 4C
♂Customer understanding and segmentation: approaches for segmentation, targeting
♂Customers behavior: determinants of customer behavior, decision making process and organizational buying behavior
♂Customer relationship management: CRM, customer satisfaction index, customer loyalty management

Module5: approaches and tools in management 每 sharp judgment and application*(150)

♂Managerial communications: information system, communications skills, knowledge management
♂Staff motivation: needs analysis, motivation skills, job arrangement, HR development
♂Quality tools: problem solving tools, process management approaches, measurement and evaluation
♂Quality models: Malcom Baldridge Awards, ISO9000 series, main industrial criteria and international criteria

Module6: supplier performance management 每 integrating value chain, and building competitive edges *(200)

♂Selection of suppliers: suppliers in a total supply chain
♂Supplier management: VOC, QFD, FMEA, SPC
♂Supplier auditing: SQA skills (Supplier Quality Autiding)

Module7: training and capability development 每 enhancing organizational and personal competitive edges *(150)

♂Training planning: needs analysis, training materials preparation, course development
♂Methods and approaches of training: lecturing, experiential training, case studies, ROTI training results analysis
♂Planning and development of personal career: model of personal career development

The examination is composed of multiple-choice questions and two case studies, which including the definition related questions, the understanding of the conceptions, discussion the comparative merits of each question, as well as the solutions under various assumptions. ACI can provide sample questions

Certification Requirements

    • Associate degree, plus more than 5 years working experiences in quality/production management
    • Bachelor degree, plus more than 3years working experiences in quality/production management
    • Master degree, plus more than 1years working experiences in quality/production management
    • Complete 3-hour exam successfully
    • Finish certification application process and paid all the required fees.


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