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Certified Shipping and Freight Forwarding Professional


International Trade

. Trade & Marketing Environment (Domestic & Overseas)
. Entry into overseas Markets /Strategies for development
. Dynamics of Protectionism & Trade Barriers
. International Economic Institutions - GATT - WTO, UNCTAD, IMF & World Bank Groups


Shipping Documentation

. Ocean Bill of Lading (B/L), Airway Bill (AWB)
. Import and Export Documentation
. Commercial, Customs & Transportation Documentation
. Export-Import clearance of break bulk & containerized cargo
. Shipping company & Port formalities


Inco Terms

. Introduction to INCO terms
. Four Groups of INCO terms: E, F, C & D
. Risk management spectrum
. ICC & INCO terms
. INCO terms & Carriage risk analysis
. Carrier liabilities
. Insurance
. Buyer & Seller responsibilities


Documentary Credit & UCP 600

. Documentary Credits: What & Why?
. Settlement of International Trade transactions
. Settlement of International Payment instruments
. Clean payment vs. Documentary collections
. Analysis of risks and uncertainties in payment
. UCP 600 and Documentary Credit undertaking of banks
. Analysis of costs borne by seller and buyer


Letter of Credit

. Letter of Credit Operations
. Types of LCs
. Terms of payments in LCs
. Role of Bank, Company and Customer
. Issuing, Advising and Negotiations
. Financial, Transport and other documentation
. Straight Credits, Clean Credits
. Discrepancies & Resolution


Shipping Law & Marine Insurance


Shipping Law

. Law of the Sea & Ships
. Law of the carriage of Goods by Sea
. Adoption & Enactment of International Law in Shipping (UNCLOS)
. Contract of Affreightment - Bill of Ladings & Charter Parties
. Risks, Responsibilities and Immunities of the Carrier under the Law
. Rights & Privileges of the Charterer / Shipper
. Hague-Visby Rules & Hamburg Rules


Marine Insurance

. Aim, Objectives, Policy Types & Coverage
. Insurable Interests & Warranties
. Insurance of Hull & Machinery & Cargo
. General Average - Particular Average, Total Loss
. Settlement of Marine claims
. Lawful marine adventure & Abandonment


Containerization, Port Operations, Shipping &Logistics

. Economics of Containerization
. Types of Containers
. Numbering and identification of containers
. Container operators - MLO vs. NVOCC
. Cargo handling at the Port & Port
. Other Logistics Providers & Multi-modal Operators
. Liner & Chartered Shipments - Comparative economics
. VLCCs and Bulk Carriers - Operation & Logistics


Ship - Shore Interface, Electronic Commerce, Edi

. Basic concepts related to handling and shipment
. Dry-bulk Cargo, Containers, Tankers, Large Bulk Carriers
. Dangerous Good Locations
. Common Shipping Terminologies
. Electronic Bills of Lading & Functional Equivalence
. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - "Swift"
. The UNCITRAL Model Law on Legal aspects of EDI
. Electronic Data Messages - Legal Recognition
. Document of Title and Negotiability
. International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) - Bills of Lading


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