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Certified International Sales Manager (C.I.S.M.)

 This program is a certification program of the American Certification Institute.

Course Perspectives:

The course focuses on what it takes to be successful in managing the sales function in a personal, direct sales environment. It asks the student to put? himself/herself in the position of being a prospective sales manager. This context helps the student better relate to the realities of the environment and how the concepts of the course can be applied to practical sales management situations, and management performance requirements. The course will provide the student with a systematic framework for understanding how sales is distinguished from marketing, and what it takes to effectively manage the sales function. The attached course content details the topics covered in support of this objective.

The course is intended for:

Marketing students who wish to deepen their understanding of the sales function and what is required to manage the sales function effectively.

Non marketing students who desire a perspective of what selling is and how the management concepts are applied to the sales function.

All students who wish to develop a perspective of selling versus marketing for the purpose of future career planning.

?Course Objectives:

To provide the student with a basic understanding of the processes and skills necessary to be successful in personal direct selling within the industrial market place.

To provide an understanding of the tools and techniques necessary to effectively manage the sales function, the sales organization and the sales individual.

To provide students with advanced skills in the areas of interpersonal communications, motivational questioning techniques and high-leverage employee process management.

The seminal purpose is to prepare the student for the Certification Examination to be given at the end of the preparation course.

Course Format and Attendance:

The course is highly interactive whereby the students are encouraged to ask questions and share their observations, feedback and perspectives from the lecture material delivered. Lectures and class discussion will be the basic format.

Grading / Evaluation Criteria / Other: The final certification examination is an 80 Multiple choice Question.

Professional Designation
Successful candidates are granted the designation of C.I.S.M. The designation C.I.S.M. may be used just as similar recognitions are employed in accounting, insurance, medicine, law, and other professions. Either the full expression or the initials may be used after the individual's name on business cards, stationery, etc.




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