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Certification Update: The Costs and Benefits of Getting Certified

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Certified Management Trainer (Level 1)
Certified Manager of Management Training (Level 2)
Certified Consultant in Management Training (Level 3)


This Certification Program is a core certification program of the American Certification Institute. This program offers the designation of CMT (Certified Management Trainer), CMMT (Certified Manager of Management Training), and CCMT (Certified Consultant in Management Training) to candidates who demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of the profession through the successful completion of rigorous professional certification examinations.

Requirements for certification

 A minimum of two (2) years experience training field.

or a Bachelor's degree.

 One letter of recommendation from a senior manager attesting to your qualifications for certification as well as your ethical character is required.

 You must complete and submit the application.


Completion of the certification program requires completion of multiple choice examinations for both the CMT and CMMT and completion of a written and oral examination for the CCMT. The examinations are prepared by a Board of Examiners consisting of a range of Certified, Sustaining, and Educator Members within the three above Institutes/Societies.

Professional Designations

Successful candidates are granted the designation of CMT for Level 1, the designation of CMMT for Level 2, and CCMT for Level 3. Either the full expression or the initials may be used after the individual's name on business cards, stationery, etc.



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