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Certification Update: The Costs and Benefits of Getting Certified

As the worst of the recent global financial meltdown and severe economic recession appears to be over, corporations will be looking to restock a workforce depleted by an unemployment rate that rose to a multiple-decade high of over 10 percent....
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A Certification Testimonial From an American Supply Chain Management Professional

Two times in my career I was hired because I was certified, and the other...Read More>>

Payment Q&A

Q: Does your payment system use PAYPAL?

A: PAYPAL performs the credit card collections for our bank. This is standard practice in the banking world.

Q: Why use PAYPAL?

A: PAYPAL provides credit card collection services for less cost than most other credit card collection agencies including the one we have used in the past.

Q: Will there be any charges or deductions to my account for using PAYPAL?

A: Absolutely NONE to your account. All credit card fees are paid by us, the receiver of your funds.

Q: Must I use PAYPAL the next time I pay for one of your courses or products?

A: You may, unless you use a different credit card than the one you used the first time. You should record/remember your PAYPAL Username and Password so you can use them the next time you use our payment system.

Q: Are there alternative methods for payment to you?

A: You may wire the funds to our business accoun. If you need to do that, just ask for our ABA number and Account Number, and we will provide.



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